by Nellies All Natural

in the continential U.S.

I love these dryer balls that soften fabrics naturally, without chemicals.  Did you know dryer sheets are a big contributor to indoor air pollution?  This is a non toxic and environmentally friendly way to soften laundry and reduce drying time. Made of 100% pure New Zealand wool, these dryerballs are injected with simply fresh and lavender essential oils to add a hint of scent to your drying experience. Safe on all dryer safe fabrics. I love that when the scent runs low you can add several drops of your favorite EO and the fun continues!

  • 100% pure New Zealand Wool
  • Injected with Simply Fresh Essential Oils
  • Enhance your drying experience
  • One dryerball lasts approximately 50 loads


100% Pure New Zealand Wool

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