Ecover Automatic Dishwasher Tabs


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About this Product
No more worrying about left over food OR toxic chemicals left on your dishes. Ecoverdishwasher tabs are made with plant-based & mineral ingredients, are biodegradable, and phosphate-free. Your dishes will be clean andwillnot harm the planet. The EWG rated this product high for safety so feel free to enlist your children in dish duty.
  • Naturally Derived Fragrance
  • With Plant-Based & Mineral Ingredients
  • Biodegradable & Fish Friendly


Sodium citrate, sodium carbonate, sodium carbonate peroxide, disodium disilicate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium polyaspartate, tetra acetyl ethylene diamine (TAED), sorbitol, sorbitan sesquicaprylate, caprylyl/capryl glucoside, glycerin, subtilisin, fragrance, amylase, sodium gluconate.

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