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This cloth will get you to stop or reduce your paper towel usage.  The E-Cloth replaces all of your home-cleaners and household cleaning agents and removes over 99% of the bacteria on your hard surfaces. This means no need for cleaners.  E-Cloth uses powerful microfiber technology to clean better with just water. This microfibre cleaning cloth is 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Cleaning it is easy, just rinse with warm water!


80% Polyester (the scrubbing and cleaning fiber), and 20% Polyamide (the absorbing and quick drying fiber).  The tiny e-cloth fibers are 1,000 times finer than cotton fibers or 1/200th diameter of a human hair.  The fibers are the smallest in the world. Sold individually.  Dimensions: 12½"L x 12½"W

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