Yoga Mat (Classic by Aurorae)


I love these yoga mats, they come in such fun colors perfect for the whole family! This mat provides 1/4 inch thickness which I prefer rather than thicker mats. They are biodegradable and eco friendly and are extremely durable.. The mats are marked with a focal point icon to help your focus and come with a non slip rosin to prevent your mat from slipping (if needed).  Available colors: Hope (pink), Midnight (dark blue), Ocean (blue), Royal Plum (purple), Ruby Red (red), Seamist (light green), Solar (yellow/orange), and Violet (lavender)

  • Without Phthalates, Rubber, Silicone or Latex and does not emit any toxic gases
  • Biodegradable; Patented PER material, Oeko-Tex tested and approved
  • Eco Safe
  • Non-toxic
  • Great to use with Aurorae Yoga Mat Cleaner

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1/4 inch Thick, 72 inches Long, 24 inches Wide. Patented PER mat is made from a new non toxic resin, free of rubber, silicone, phthalates, latex and does not emit any toxic chemicals or gases; The mat has been successfully tested against harmful substances; Oeko-Tex Standards Class-1- Baby Articles and US FDA approved by SGS.


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