Planet Dog 5′ Natural Hemp Leash with Fleece Handle


The Planet Dog Natural Hemp Leash is made of earth friendly hemp, which makes it a incredibly durable leash. Hemp is one of nature’s most durable fibers, and creates an incredibly strong hold that ensures your pet will stay right by your side at all times. Features a stainless steel fastener and a fleece-lined handle that eases the tension in your hand.

  • Constructed of naturally strong and eco-friendly hemp.
  • Fleece-lined handle for comfort.
  • 100% guaranteed. Any time. Every time.
  • Machine wash. Air dry.
  • Size: 5′ length, 1″ width.

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Eco-friendly leash is naturally dyed pure hemp – one of nature’s strongest fibers that makes a super-strong fabric. Our Hemp Leashes are made with chrome hardware for extra durability and safety. The Hemp Leashes are fleece-lined for optimal comfort. The Hemp Leash is the perfect match for our Hemp Collars and Harnesses.


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