Lodge Cast-Iron Skillet 12-Inch


The Lodge Cast Iron 12-inch Skillet and Red Silicone Hot Handle Holder is a multi-functional cookware that works really well on campfires, stovetops, ovens, and can slow-cook foods without scorching. Made of cast iron, this skillet evenly distributes heat from the bottom through the sides. The skillet comes pre-seasoned to prevent food from sticking, but it works best when sprayed or lightly coated with oil before use.  After cooking, clean with a stiff nylon brush and hot water. To get the hard stuff off use Kosher salt and scrub the pan using a rough sponge. Dry off the pan to prevent rusting and lightly coat with oil for storing. Using soap is not recommended, and harsh detergents should never be used.

  • 12-inch Skillet can saute, sear, fry, bake and stir fry
  • Pre-Seasoned and ready-to-use
  • Superior heat retention and even cooking
  • Combo pack: 12-inch skillet and red silicone hot handle holder
  • Made in the USA

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The Lodge seasoning procedure is a multiple-step process in which the seasoning oil is applied via an electrostatic spray system that coats the cookware, then it’s baked at very high temperatures. This allows the oil to penetrate deeply into the pores of the iron.


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