Herbal Clear Sport Deodorant Stick


If you are looking for a natural sport deodorant look no further. Sport 24 hour is made with tea tree oil and swiss alps lichen. Lichen inhibits perspiration and kills odor causing bacteria. This goes on clear and provides long lasting odor free protection  without aluminum, alcohol, dyes or artificial bactericides. Perfect for active lifestyles! Available in Tea Tree or Mountain Fresh Air.

*This product contains 2 ingredients (triethanolamine and propylene glycol) that you should be aware of. Their rankings in the EWG database are 5 and 3 respectively. However, for those that sweat a lot, this product is a better choice than aluminum based deodorants.

  • No aluminum
  • No dyes
  • No alcohol

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Propylene glycol, water, sodium stearate, steareth-100, lichen (usnea barbata) extract, fragrance, tea tree (melaleuca alternifolia) oil, triethanolamine oleth-2 and tetrasodium edta.

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