Going Veggie: The Simple 30-Day Guide to Becoming a Healthy Vegetarian


This is such an awesome book that helped me get started and has helped sustain my vegetarianism! Going Veggie is written by Trudy Slaboz, a popular blogger and longtime vegetarian, and will give you the encouragement and support needed to become a vegetarian. If you are considering making the transition this book comes complete with a 30-day program to wean you off the meat-heavy Standard American Diet.  Going Veggie offers 50 recipes for nutrient-packed meals and suggestions/tricks on acquiring essential proteins using plant-based options.

  • 30-day program to wean you off a meat diet
  • Recipes for delicious, nutrient-packed meals
  • Tricks for acquiring essential proteins using plant-based options
  • Advice on navigating tough spots, cravings and backsliding
  • Tips on how to deal with group dinners and ordering at restaurants

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