Bee’s Wrap Sustainable Food Storage


Looking to get rid of your plastic wrap? This is a great food wrap that can be used over and over again. You can use it just like saran wrap by molding the Bee’s Wrap to the top of your dish by using the warmth and pressure of your hands to create a seal. When the Bee’s Wrap cools (within seconds) it holds its seal. To clean just wash the wrap in cool water with a mild dish soap, then air dry, fold and put away.

*Not recommended for meat.

  • Assorted pack contains 3 sizes of wraps (Small 7″ x 8″, Medium 10″ x 11″, and Large 13″ x 14″)
  • Made with beeswax, GOTS certified cotton, organic jojoba oil and tree resin
  • Reusable – Bee’s Wrap lasts for up to a year with proper care and regular usage

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Organic cotton muslin, beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin. antibacterial qualities that help to keep your food fresh and allow you to use the Bee’s Wrap again and again.

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