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About Start Living Natural

Hello and welcome!

My name is Lisa Ehle, founder of Start Living Natural, LLC.

I began Start Living Natural, LLC with the purpose of educating others on leading a healthier, more natural lifestyle.  What I found is that so many people have difficulty finding products that are not only safe and toxin-free, but also work great.

We've partnered with amazing, responsible companies that care about your health as much as we do, and we work together to bring you excellent options at discount prices.

Lisa Ehle Founder of Start Living NaturalWe've used and researched hundreds of products and bring you only our favorites which have high marks in both effectiveness and safety ratings.  Whenever possible we evaluate product ratings in both the EWG and Good Guide Health product safety databases.

We know you will want to share these amazing products with others, so we also offer personalized gift collections. Please go ahead and share the health!

Thank you for your support!

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Our Mission

We strive to provide education on living a natural lifestyle and support informed decision making when it comes to purchasing natural products. We partner with and promote companies that support SLN’s mission to create a more responsible and sustainable planet.

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Our Vision

To build a platform that bridges eco-education and e-commerce to connect informed consumers with businesses committed to producing high quality natural products, and bringing great options to everyone at discount prices. 

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