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Looking for an uplifting gift for loved ones that will awaken their senses?  Scentient Being™️ fragrance oil blends are perfect for the entire family and make great stocking stuffers. 

Each blend is made with pure golden jojoba oil and premium fragrance oils sourced from around the globe. Premium fragrance oils are skin safe, alcohol free, phthalate free and paraben free. Golden jojoba carrier oil is an anti-inflammatory oil used to nourish, moisturize, protect and heal the skin.

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    Divine is a beautiful mix of ylang ylang, violet water and heliotrope with...
    Love is a light but rich scent with warm undertones and a blend...
    Timeless is a mysterious yet familiar scent that has a woodsy appeal with...
    Essence is a subtle scent made with musk and sandalwood blend enhanced with...
    Union is a refreshing clean scent reminiscent of cool salty air with crisp...
    Joyful Path is a refined but subtle scent made with a sweet blend...
    Virtue is a fresh and clean floral scent with succulent sweet notes of...
    Awe awakens the senses with sweet neroli, pear, raspberry, ylang ylang and pine...
    Nature Body combines bergamont, mandarin, and melon with a hint of magnolia blossoms...
    Truth is a fresh and light scent with a touch of night musk....
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