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Don't worry about whether or not this yoga mat is too thin leading to ouchy body parts! These mats were designed to be JUST RIGHT - thick but not too thick. Thinksport yoga mats use an advanced material that keeps mats thicker but remarkably light. Our family loves these yoga mats! The Thinksport mat is made from TPE (Thermo plastic elastomer) which means that if you sweat or get water on the mat, it will wipe clean. It reduces the chance of bacteria growing in the mat material.

  • Safe Non-Toxic Materials - Free of Bisphenol-A (BPA), PVC, Lead, Phthalates, Dioxins, and biologically toxic chemicals
  • High Performance TPE Material - Keeps you steady in the most demanding poses 
  • More than 50% thicker than basic mats - Increased thickness (5mm) provides better support and comfort
  • Closed-cell Construction - Increased water, sweat, and bacteria resistance
  • Free of Latex and Rubber
  • Available Colors:  Green/Black, Blue/Black, Purple/Black, Black/Black
  • Dimensions:  24” x 72” x 1/5” (61cm x 183cm x 5mm)   
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