by Preserve

in the continential U.S.

Great toothbrushes that are designed with a curbed handle to get those hard to reach places and a three-level bristle arrangement to massage gums. While the bristles are brand new, the handle is made from recycled yogurt cups. The reusable, clear Travel Case features ventilation holes and a cap to keep your toothbrush clean and dry wherever you take it or store it.  We know toothbrushes contribute to plastic waste so we love that for every six toothbrushes you send back to Preserve, they will reward you a $6 coupon at Preserve’s online store.  You will just need to pay for the postage. 

  • Made with LOVE and recycled yogurt cups
  • BPA Free
  • Certified B Corporation
  • Made in the USA


Handle created with 100% recycled #5 plastic; bristles are new nylon
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