We all want healthy, beautiful looking hair but many hair products contain a slew of toxic ingredients. It is important to carefully look at a product's label to make sure they do not contain harmful chemicals.  Look past the buzzwords and pay close attention to the actual ingredient list.

    For a complete list of harmful chemicals - check out our Ingredient Watch List for Hair.


    Argan Oil Plus Leave-In Conditioner
    Andalou Naturals uses fruit stem cell complex that produce amazing results. This leave in conditioner is made with argan...
    Super Concentrated Shampoo, Olive & Avocado
    This is a super moisturizing shampoo perfect for those with normal to dry hair.  After the first use...
    Shampoo Bar
    This is such an incredible shampoo bar.  Because it is not a liquid, this bar won't strip your...
    Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar - Organic - Raw - Unfiltered
    Made with organically grown apples and can be used with any recipe. The health benefits of Apple Cider...
    Desert Essence Hair Defrizzer And Heat Protector Coconut
    This is a lightweight spray that penetrates deeply into hairs cuticles to protects hair. Jojoba Seed Extract conditions...
    Treatment Comb with Handle
    This is an awesome comb with a handle that is perfect for leaving in the shower to comb...
    Giovanni All-natural Wicked Hair Wax The Definition Of Pomade
    This is an awesome pomade that I let my son use because it has stellar ingredients that have...
    Rosemary Conditioning Hair Oil
    Weleda Rosemary Hair Oil is a phenomenal hair oil made with all natural ingredients and is a saving grace...
    Hobe Labs Energizer Hair Follicle Stimulator
    Hobe Labs Energizer Hair Follicle Stimulator is made to improve hair thickness and uses jojoba, vitamin b-5, and bio-ferm...
    Hobe Labs Energizer Hair Thickening Serum
    Hobe Labs Energizer Hair Thickening Serum adds volume and improves hair texture. This unique formula is loaded with...
    Shikai Color Reflect Color Lock Hair Spray
    This is the one of the best non-toxic hair sprays out there. Holds firmly and adds shine while...
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    Start Living Natural: The Best Natural Hair Care Products in a New and Effective Way

    The things we use to keep ourselves beautiful and hygienic should also be healthy and good for us, right? When we get in the shower to scrub off the dirt and grime of the day, we shouldn’t be treating ourselves to a blend of toxic and harmful products. Start Living Natural offers the solution: a wide selection of products that offer you an alternative to what big brands try to push. Start Living Natural is leader in providing organic hair care products, giving you the chance to give your hair another shot at being healthy and beautiful without the harmful toxins that most products tend to contain.

    Start Living Natural is a dedicated team of researchers that work hard to give you the most information on personal products, what is used in them, and how they’re beneficial to your well being as opposed to the things you may already be using. We believe in making sure our customers are taken care of; your health is our number one priority! You deserve to live a happy and healthy life, and we believe those terms shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. Start Living Natural is able to give you the best of the best by working with a multitude of amazing companies that offer the best natural hair growth products, and we want to ensure that you’re getting a true, authentic product that will help, not harm, your body.

    Organic Natural Hair Products Are a Breeze with Start Living Natural

    When it comes to hair care and the best natural hair care products, we have to start at the top. Shampoo and conditioner are important in making sure your hair retains its natural strength and overall cleanliness. However, it’s hard to achieve that feeling of being truly clean when we use products that strip hair of their natural nutrients. How do we work together to achieve what big brands cannot? Simple! We start with Start Living Natural. For example, instead of a shampoo that’s full of chemicals, give the Shampoo Bar by J.R. Liggetts a try! We know what you’re thinking—a shampoo bar? There’s no way that can work! Well, it can and it does. With only eight all natural ingredients, the Shampoo Bar comes in six different formulas and works to retain the natural oils in your hair while also giving your hair a soft and shiny appearance.

    Looking for a more familiar approach with organic hair growth products? Maybe the EVOO and Moringa Shampoo and Conditioner set by Nubian Heritage will suit your needs! This product is sulfate free, gluten free, and cruelty free. On top of that, this product promises to be the best for your hair in terms of hydration and and nourishment. Perfect for post chemical treated hair because Moringa Oil contains high levels of antioxidants and vitamins which help the process of repairing split ends AND conditions hair. Start Living Natural encourages everyone to give organic natural hair care products a try—the results speak for themselves, and you shouldn’t spend anymore time in your life putting toxic chemicals right onto your scalp. Your body deserves better, don’t you agree? Start Living Natural certainly does!

    Start Living Natural Offers the Best Organic Hair Care Products

    Start Living Natural has you covered on organic hair care products, from the start to the finish! Outside of cleaning your hair, you’ve got a multitude of things to worry about—styling, keeping in color, and making sure your hair doesn’t look drained of all its life after just one shower. Luckily, we’ve got your back!

    Coloring your hair is a lengthy and sometimes expensive process, and to feel like you’re losing that luster and shine can be disheartening. Other big brand products tend to pump their styling gels and sprays with toxins that harm your hair and strip it of its nutrients and its color. Say goodbye to fading with the Color Reflect Lock Hair Spray by Shikai! One of the best non-toxic hairsprays, the Color Reflect provides a maximum hold formula, while also providing vitamin B-5 and an extended life to color treatments with heliogenol. A suitable option for both color treated hair and natural hair, the Color Reflect spray is a great alternative in organic hair care products when considering maximum protection!

    Styling wise, Start Living Natural offers a variety of products that make the “after” seem like “happily ever after”! Try the Argan Oil Plus Leave-In Conditioner by Andalou Naturals! The Argan Oil Conditioner uses natural fruit stem cell complex that deeply nourishes and conditions your hair, making it more youthful and healthy in just one week of use. GMO free, gluten free, and 98% nature derived, the Argan Oil Condition is one of many wonderful organic hair growth products that could easily replace a big brand in a bottle, pumped full of chemicals and toxins.

    Start Living Natural: The Best Natural Hair Care Products

    Overall, Start Living Natural needs you to know that our dedication to working with and for our customers knows no bounds. We’re putting in the work and effort whenever possible to give you the most comprehensive list of the best natural hair care products. With ingredients listed clearly and openly on every single item page, to blog posts about how you can use these products to improve your overall health and lifestyle, the team at Start Living Natural wants nothing more than to see you succeed! Being happy and being healthy should go hand in hand. You shouldn’t have to trade one to get the other, and Start Living Natural is the start of you working towards that goal. Let us help you, and let yourself feel the best you’ve ever felt with Start Living Natural!