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    Giovanni Styling Glue Custom Hair Modeler - 2 Fl Oz

    Giovanni eco chic hair care styling glue puts contemporary style at your fingertips. Feather this product across the tips of your hair for a sharp-edged, spiky look, or smooth it...

    Shikai Color Reflect Color Lock Hair Spray

    This is the one of the best non-toxic hair sprays out there. Holds firmly and adds shine while protecting hair color. This maximum-hold formula conditions with Pro-Vitamin B-5 and extends...

    Mill Creek Hair Spray Weather Control

    Mill creek hair spray weather control is ph balanced and uses natural jojoba oil to prevent frizz especially in humid weather. Rinses clean with every shampoo leaving no build-up. Free...

    Mill Creek Hair Spray Regular Hold

    Mill Creek Botanicals Regular Hold Hair Spray gives hair a soft hold with control & confidence. Keratin, Jojoba and Panthenol condition hair. This is a non-drying formula that’s neither stiff nor sticky. Rinses clean with every shampoo...

    Mill Creek Hair Spray Extra Hold

    Mill Creek Botanicals Extra Hold Hair Spray gives firm control to hard-to-hold hair. Features jojoba and panthenol for extra conditioning with no sticky buildup. This is a non-drying formula that's neither stiff nor sticky.  Rinses clean with...

    Giovanni Straight Fast Straightening Elixir

    Giovanni Straight Fast Straightening Elixir smooths hair between shampoos. Formulated with certified organic botanicals to soothe and protect hair from heat styling damage. Tackle the most unruly hair especially on...

    Giovanni L.A. Natural Styling Gel Strong Hold

    Great styling gel you can count on. This gel shapes with extreme holding power. It's infused with natural surface enhancers for a brilliant shine. This styling gel will not dull,...

    Giovanni All-natural Wicked Hair Wax The Definition Of Pomade

    This is an awesome pomade that I let my son use because it has stellar ingredients that have been salon-tested and are made from a vegetable protein base, unlike many...

    Earth Therapeutics Spa Cosmetic Headband

    Earth Therapeutics Spa Cosmetic Headband keeps hair gently away from your face and fits all head sizes. This plush headband is cut from angel-tex - a revolutionary fabric that absorbs...

    Earth Therapeutics Large Bamboo Lacquer Pin Paddle Brush

    This bamboo pin paddle brush is constructed with the finest quality natural bamboo wood and pin bristles set in a soft pneumatic air cushion base. This is a great brush...

    Desert Essence Hair Defrizzer And Heat Protector Coconut

    This is a lightweight spray that penetrates deeply into hairs cuticles to protects hair. Jojoba Seed Extract conditions hair and adds an amazing shine to dull hair. You should always...
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