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Safer Scents: Why Fragrance Isn’t Always a Bad Actor

According to the Environmental Working Group, most scents in perfumes and colognes are produced from 3,100 stock chemical ingredients. Since our skin absorbs nearly 60 percent of what we put onto it, the hidden chemicals in perfumes can negatively impact our health so it is important to be informed about the fragrance products you choose to use.  However, associating fragrance alone with toxicity is inaccurate. The reality is, fragrance is a broad term for anything that has a scent. Fragrance alone isn't always a bad actor. It's the harmful ingredients that are sometimes added to fragrances that are bad.  Additional ingredients may include preservatives, allergens, phthalates, petroleum, and animal by-products. Many of the popular perfumes and colognes on the market today contain these harmful ingredients which is why we decided to make our own Scentient Being® fragrance oil blends. It’s always important...

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Do Just This 1 Thing for a Non-Toxic Home

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with figuring out how to avoid ALL the things that may cause exposure to toxic chemicals. So, my advise is to always start small and ask yourself this question, “What is the easiest thing I can do that will make the most impact?” Of course there is no “wrong” action to start with on your journey to living more natural, however, there is one thing I believe to be extremely important that all of us can/should do to create a non-toxic home and that is to STOP USING SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES for air freshening, perfume, in make-up, or in other personal products. Synthetic fragrances are more likely than not to include Phthalates, which are known Endocrine Disrupters, that are used in hundreds of products including perfume, hair spray, deodorant, almost anything fragranced (from shampoo to air fresheners...

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3 Reasons to Diffuse Essential Oils vs. Using Synthetic Air Fresheners

Using Essential Oils (EO’s) in a diffuser is the best way to naturally freshen up your living or work space. Through air diffusion, a few drops of essential oil can deliver therapeutic aromatherapy while cleaning the air and can make your home or office smell awesome. Aromatherapy, also referred to as Essential Oil (EO) therapy, is the use of naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to promote the health of body, mind and spirit. Essential oil diffusion has endless possibilities for supporting health and wellbeing. Purchasing an Essential Oil diffuser and high quality EO”s are the best gift you can give to yourself and your family! Learn more about aromatherapy and buy essential oils Here are 3 reasons to choose EO’s to freshen your living space. 1. EO’s clean the air of a room and provide a natural, non-toxic pleasant fragrance....

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