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What Does a Yoga Mat Have To Do With Infertility?

Infertility is a growing problem and one that forces us to look at all possible causes. Numerous studies show that nearly every American has detectable levels of various flame retardants in their bodies.  This shouldn't be news to anyone since if you look around the room right now, it is likely most of your furniture and other household/office items have been treated with fire retardants.  It is plain too see how our bodies are susceptible to absorbing these chemicals through our daily living activities.

A recent study in Environmental Health Perspectives suggests that high levels of flame retardants in things like yoga mats, furniture, clothing, building materials, and electronics might be causing fertility problems in women.

Obviously, preventing a full alarm fire as well as increasing time for people to get the hell out of their residences is well justified, but how much prevention is too much?  Should we continue to use fire retardants knowing that some of these chemicals have significant undesirable health effects, especially on the reproductive system?

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