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Celebrating The Bright Spots in 2019 - THANK YOU!

We are all about sharing wins here at Start Living Natural and wanted to share some bright spots in 2019 from our friends at Safer Chemicals Safer Families. We'd also like to thank you for supporting our mission this year. Every Facebook post you share gets us closer to addressing unregulated toxic chemicals and reducing toxic body burden which is contributing to rising rates of illness and disease. So, THANK YOU!!! From Safer Chemicals Safer Families.... Together, we accomplished a lot. So I'd like to share a few highlights from 2019: Thanks to you, The Home Depot and Lowe’s both announced they’re banning PFAS “forever chemicals” from carpets and rugs they sell. The chemical industry has pushed this class of chemicals for their grease and water resistance—regardless of the health problems they’re linked to. Getting them out of much of...

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Not So Positivi-Tea - Some Tea Bags Contain Billions of Microplastics

I'm sorry in advance for being a Debbie Downer but you may be swallowing billions of tiny plastic particles while sipping a cup of freshly brewed gourmet tea, new research confirms. Some higher end teas now come in "silken" bags instead of paper to make room for larger premium tea leaves to expand. However, researchers have demonstrated that this may not be the healthiest way to consume premium tea. Researchers from a Montreal University studied the effect of silken tea bags when steeped in hot water and found that they released microplastic and even smaller nanoplastic particles at significant larger amounts than what researchers expected. Billions of particles were found in a single cup of tea!! The researchers estimated that one cup from a single tea bag could contain 11.6 billion microplastic and 3.1 billion nanoplastic particles. Results were published late September in the journal Environmental Science & Technology....

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These Baby Foods + Formulas Tested Positive for Arsenic, Lead + BPA

This is how our most vulnerable population is fed in the US. Watch this video and share with all the parents and parents-to-be you know.  Arsenic was the most common contaminate spotted in the Clean Label Project study. Nearly 80% of infant formula samples tested positive for arsenic. The toxin is associated with developmental defects, cardiovascular disease, neurotoxicity, diabetes and even cancer, according to the World Health Organization.  After about 530 baby food products were tested, researchers found 65% of products tested positive for arsenic, 36% for lead, 58% for cadmium and 10% for acrylamide. All of these chemicals pose potential dangers to developing infants. Mainstream brands including Gerber, Enfamil, Plum Organics and Sprout were among the worst offenders — scoring two out of five in the Clean Label Project's report card for toxic metals. Plus, 60% of products claiming to be "BPA...

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VICTORY! - 5 Harmful Chemicals Now Banned From Kids’ Products

We should be able to trust that the things our babies and kids use are free of toxic chemicals.  However, this is simply not the case.  As if raising children wasn't stressful enough, we live in a society that puts profits over the protection of its most vulnerable populations. The responsibility shouldn't solely be on families to understand why and which products they need to avoid. But, legislation has been slow-to-roll in areas of protecting people from toxic chemicals. The good news, on October 18th, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) banned concentrations of more than 0.1% of diisononyl phthalate (DINP), diisobutyl phthalate (DIBP), dinpentyl phthalate (DPENP), dinhexyl phthalate (DHEXP), or dicyclohexyl phthalate (DCHP) in children's toys or child care items.  Phthalates are used to soften plastic so that it is more pliable. It is a proven, scientific fact that exposure...

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What Does a Yoga Mat Have To Do With Infertility?

Infertility is a growing problem and one that forces us to look at all possible causes. Numerous studies show that nearly every American has detectable levels of various flame retardants in their bodies.  This shouldn't be news to anyone since if you look around the room right now, it is likely most of your furniture and other household/office items have been treated with fire retardants.  It is plain too see how our bodies are susceptible to absorbing these chemicals through our daily living activities. A recent study in Environmental Health Perspectives suggests that high levels of flame retardants in things like yoga mats, furniture, clothing, building materials, and electronics might be causing fertility problems in women. Obviously, preventing a full alarm fire as well as increasing time for people to get the hell out of their residences is well justified, but how much prevention is too much?...

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Trickle Down Poisoning: How Prozac is Changing the Health of Fish

Interesting storyline right?  Truth really is stranger than fiction.  I used to manage a program for people with psychiatric conditions and the standard operating procedure was to dump unused medications down the toilet as a quality measure.  Two people had to be present when this happened to make sure these powerful drugs weren’t stolen and inappropriately used or sold on the street. Fluoxedine (trade name Prozac) is a common name these days and although a lot of research has been completed to understand its effect on humans, little research has been done to understand its effect on marine life. According to a new study, there is growing evidence that Fluoxedine has a toxic effect on fish, changing their behaviors making them weaker and less likely to survive or reproduce. Fluoxetine, is used to treat depression and anxiety, is the third most prescribed...

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First Study Confirms Roundup Residues in Food Cause Fatty Liver Disease

A new peer-reviewed study published by a Nature journal shows the weedkiller Roundup causes non-alcoholic fatty liver disease at very low doses permitted by regulators worldwide. The study is the first ever to show a causative link between consumption of Roundup at a real-world environmentally relevant dose and a serious disease. We have all heard the argument that low level exposure is not harmful to humans but the reality is low level exposure has the ability to bioaccumulate in the body and cause major illness and disease. Research outcomes will keep demonstrating this public health concern. I just don’t know what it will take to shut this chemical down. We need to ban ALL glyphosphate based herbicides! Read More: Roundup residues in food cause fatty liver disease

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Dirt Don’t Hurt: How Environmental DNA in Urban Soil Could Save Lives

Researchers reported yesterday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that soil bacteria in New York City parks produce molecules similar to antibiotics, anticancer agents, and other drugs in current use.  Talk about taking dirt to a new level! From analyzed soil samples in New York City boroughs, environmental DNA (eDNA) was extracted from the soil they found that NYC park bacteria contain sequences that likely encode molecules similar to existing antibiotics, antifungal and antiparasitic medications, immunosuppressants, and anticancer drugs. What’s interesting is how urban park soil microbiomes rich in natural product biosynthetic diversity could potentially be used to treat illness and disease.  And maybe, just maybe, they will be better suited for our bodies than synthetic, chemical based medicines. Read more here.

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Toxic Materials in Electronics Threaten Our Health- Apple, HP and Others Have Taken Notice

As we become more aware of the detrimental effects of toxic products in our environment, it’s hard not to look at the products we use on a daily basis (cell phones, televisions, computers, lap tops, wires, etc) as another place to start making some changes. Electronics contain a large amount of toxic chemicals that can contaminate the environment and expose workers to harmful chemicals. The manufacturing of electronics is a dirty business meaning that in their production, toxic chemicals including metals such as lead and hexavalent chromium, and other contaminants such as phthalates and brominated flame retardants are used to make the final product. I think many of us have wondered, are these companies aware of the health hazards their products have on humans and the environment? AND, if so what are they doing to address this? It’s important to know...

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6 Nasty Superbugs on the Rise (Drug Resistant Bacteria) Caused by Antibiotic Abuse

Antibiotics used to promote growth in farm animals is rampant and is causing antibacterial-resistant “super bugs” to reach epidemic proportions. According to federal statistics cited in the new report, published today (Nov. 16) in the journal Pediatrics, more than 2 million Americans get sick with antimicrobial-resistant infections each year, and more than 23,000 die as a result of these infections. Antibiotic abuse from agribusiness is responsible for using more than 20 million pounds of antibiotics in healthy livestock each year which amounts to more than 70 percent of all antibiotics used in the United States! This is a major reason why superbugs are showing up in kids and adults across the US. Why should you be concerned? When people come in contact with these superbugs that are resistant to antibiotics and become infected, it is extremely hard to treat them...

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