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Daily Juicing: The Key to Nutritional Absorption

If you are reading this it is likely you have at some point in your life been intrigued by juicing.  I mean the idea of throwing a bunch of vegetables and fruits into a juicer and getting a cup of pure nutrient based juice is very appealing to those interested in supporting healthy cellular functioning. Well, I started to juice about a year ago.  I was pretty good with it for a few weeks then stopped.  I recently met a few friends who juice everyday.  They look younger, they feel awesome, and they have TONS of energy. This alone was enough reason to bring the juicer back for round 2.

I did some research, and found that, the use of high hydrostatic pressure in food processing is of great interest because of its ability to inactivate food borne micro-organisms and enzymes, at low temperature, without the need for chemical preservatives. Pressure-treated foods have sensory properties similar to fresh products, which is a major advantage in juice processing as it matches consumer demand for healthy, nutritious and natural products.

I also found that juicing is thought to be better than eating whole fruits because the body absorbs the nutrients better. However, to make sure you are getting the fiber provided when you consume whole fruits and vegetables, you need to make sure there is some pulp in the juice.

SLN’s Take Home Message

Although juicing does not seem to be a “better” alternative to eating whole fruits and vegetables it does seem to complement a healthy lifestyle and can reduce your risk of cancer, boost your immune system, help remove toxins from your body, aid digestion, and help you lose weight. This, along with the energy my juicing friends bring to the table, is enough for me to keep the juicer out as a permanent fixture in my home.

Click here for some great starter recipes!

Happy Juicing Everyone!

We use the below Breville BJE820XL juicer as well as a Vitamix.  Both are great machines with different specialties.

Breville BJE820XL Bundle Dual Disc Juice Processor with DVD
Breville BJE820XL Bundle Dual Disc Juice Processor with DVD


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