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Cultured Vegetables Help Relieve Symptoms of Food Poisoning and Stomach Flu

I am a huge advocate for eating cultured/fermented vegetables on a regular basis partly because of my upbringing (kimchi was a staple in our house), but also because I know when food poisoning hits, 8-10 tablespoons of cultured veggies and/or their juice throughout the day is the only thing that makes it better.

The probiotics (good bacteria) in cultured foods work to attack the bad bacteria so eating cultured veggies during a bout of stomach flu or food poisoning can alleviate symptoms and help you get better, faster. My go-to's are sauerkraut and kimchi.

Not only are cultured vegetables great for relieving stomach issues, incorporating them into your daily diet can prevent bad bacteria from infecting your body to begin with.  It’s estimated that roughly 70% - 80% of your immune system is in your gut so introducing good bacteria into the gastric mix via fermented food can help you maintain optimal health and ward off invaders.

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I absolutely love Donna Schwenks book Cultured Food for Health: A Guide to Healing Yourself with Probiotic Foods Kefir * Kombucha * Cultured Vegetables and highly suggest everyone read this if they are interested in improving their gut health naturally.

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