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All That Shimmers - The Truth About Mica

Do you know what makes beauty products shimmer? It’s mica.

Mica is a globally sourced mineral that is used in many of our day-to-day products—from automotive paints, to electronics, to beauty products. This mineral is used for the base of many color cosmetics and also can create a shimmer effect in pressed powders, lip glosses, and lipsticks.

In short, if you are a cosmetic company, you need mica. Mica is a clean, safe ingredient. However, there is shadiness within its supply chain, including issues such as: child labor, wage theft, corruption, and forced labor. 

Our partners at Beautycounter, spent over a year traveling the world conducting on-the-ground audits of their mica sources—and are committed to exposing the truth. They uncovered how the mica industry has some serious transparency issues and has partnered with two trusted organizations, Kailash Satyarthi’s Children’s Foundation and Sourcemap, to tackle the issue.

Beautycounter has been conducting in-person audits of the mines that supply their mica and plan to continue to push for unprecedented transparency in their mica supply chain. Right now, they are on track to visit every single mine (around the world) where mica is sourced by the end of 2020 with the goal of working with suppliers to uphold rigorous sourcing standards.

We are so proud of our partnership with Beautycounter and are thrilled they are addressing this responsible sourcing issue with meaningful action. Here at Start Living Natural, we are vested in supporting brands that protect all people in supply chains.

Want to take action?
  1. Watch the video below and share this post
  2. Shop brands such as Beautycounter that are working to eradicate child labor.
  3. Text MICA to 52886 to ask our government leaders to act. (US only)

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