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Safe Swaps for Your Laundry

The expectation after washing a load of laundry is that your clothes will be clean. However, washing clothes with conventional laundry detergent and dryer sheets leave your clothes hardly clean. Toxic laundry detergents may cause a host of health problems ranging from skin irritations to neurological damage. Studies indicate that 1/3 of all scented detergents contain at least 1 chemical flagged by the EPA as potentially causing cancer. Chemicals linger on clothing and then get into the body through your skin.

Changing the idea of what clean really is, is very important as you begin your journey of reducing the chemical exposures in your life. While your clothes may not have dirt, they are left carrying around chemicals that remain on clothing and subsequently, your skin.

SLN’s Take Home Message

By swapping out your conventional laundry products with natural laundry cleaners you can feel confident that your clothes are actually clean and toxic free.  Here are 3 ways to reduce your chemical exposure in the laundry room:

  1. Use natural laundry detergents that are chemical free (including free of phosphates, bleach, dyes, fragrances, optical brighteners, and masking agents) and are made from plant derived or food based ingredients.
  2. Do not use dryer sheets. Use PVC-free dryer balls to naturally soften your laundry
  3. Make your own laundry cleaner.

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