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3 Reasons to Diffuse Essential Oils vs. Using Synthetic Air Fresheners

Using Essential Oils (EO’s) in a diffuser is the best way to naturally freshen up your living or work space. Through air diffusion, a few drops of essential oil can deliver therapeutic aromatherapy while cleaning the air and can make your home or office smell awesome.

Aromatherapy, also referred to as Essential Oil (EO) therapy, is the use of naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to promote the health of body, mind and spirit. Essential oil diffusion has endless possibilities for supporting health and wellbeing. Purchasing an Essential Oil diffuser and high quality EO”s are the best gift you can give to yourself and your family!

Scentient Being Premium Perfume Oils

Here are 3 reasons to choose EO’s to freshen your living space.

1. EO’s clean the air of a room and provide a natural, non-toxic pleasant fragrance.

Diffusing EO’s is a very healthy alternative to using artificially scented toxic products to “freshen” the air. Synthetic air fresheners are made from yucky chemicals including petrochemicals and other solvents that contain carcinogenic (cancer causing) ingredients. EO diffusers are designed to distribute microscopic droplets of essential oil into the air to naturally clean and freshen the air.

*My favorites EO’s to freshen the air are lavender, lemon, frankincense + orange. Some EO’s can be used to create natural holiday scents (pine, spruce, fir) with a dash of spice like nutmeg and cinnamon.

2. Diffusing certain Essential Oils can prevent and heal illness.

Some essential oils are highly antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal and can be safely used to disinfect one’s environment. Diffusing EO’s can be helpful for people who have respiratory congestion or can be used to boost immunity to prevent illness.

To soothe colds and flu: thyme, eucalyptus, rosemary, manuka (mix a few drops of each in a diffuser)
To prevent illness: Cinnamon, clove, and orange (mix a few drops of each in a diffuser)
To purify air: Lemongrass, tea tree, eucalyptus, oregano and juniper (mix a few drops of each in a diffuser)

3. Essential oils can increase mental clarity, promote relaxation, improve mood and reduce stress.

Certain essential oils can trigger physical or emotional effects that work to alleviate negative mood, enhance focus and/or promote relaxation. Rather than using medication or going it on your own, using EO’s is a natural and effective way to improve how you feel.

Restful sleep: lavender, chamomile, spikenard, neroli, mandarin or sweet marjoram in the bedroom for 15 minutes before bedtime
Mental clarity: peppermint, basil, lemon or rosemary
Improve mood: Sage paired with lemon or orange
Stress Relief: Sage, geranium and lavender or frankincense and orange
Romance: Jasmine, ylang ylang, rose, sandalwood or patchouli

SLN’s Favorite Essential Oils and Diffusers

Native American Nutritional’s (NAN)-Rocky Mountain Oils (RMO): Only high quality essential oils have the capacity to promote healing so to reap all the benefits of EO’s when using them for air freshening and cleansing it is best to choose EO’s that are 100% natural and 100% pure. Nothing should be added and nothing should be removed from the essential oil after it is processed. That’s why I love Native American Nutritionals (NAN)! You can be confident that the purity is high quality. Details for oils are listed clearly on their site (including the Latin name, country of origin, and growing method).

**NAN has merged with RMO so don’t be confused if you purchase the below oils and the bottle reads Rocky Mountain Oils. 

Aura Cacia Pure Essential Oils: These EO's are awesome and are 100% pure.  Aura Cacia has been around for over 30 years and they are available in most health stores. They are very affordable so I like to use these for cleaning and freshening.  Aura Cacia essential oils and skin care oils are made from simple and pure botanical ingredients. They source their ingredients carefully and sustainably from the best sources around the world, then test every shipment of essential oil they receive to verify its purity and quality.

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